January 2020 +5% return

January 5.76% return

January closed above my targeted 2% for my Darwinex Darwin “WET” with a confirmed 5.76% at month end. Despite low market volatility this is a really good performance. Fewer trades were taken due to the restrictive market conditions but I expect February will be more active.

January Investor Account

The Investor account is showing a $575 profit since December on the $10k demo account. Very healthy return so far.

February Outlook

Thankfully the USDCAD trade closed this month releasing my capital to open new positions.

I currently have EURUSD and EURCAD in play. I anticipate small but fairly quick profits on these trades.

I am lining up some long term hedge trades to offset my broker’s swap trading costs. These will probably open next month and will likely enter drawdown for several weeks. Depending on the market these positions are normally offset by my shorter term plays but are crucial in the overall profitably of my system.

December Roll Over Trades Profit

December Performance confirms in January

As anticipated my USDCAD trades crystallised in profit this month, albeit later than I would have wished. The pair was trading in a complex consolidation and just out of my zones. While it can be frustrating sitting through a potential 20% drawdown and paying negative swaps, my core strategy has to be traded with absolute discipline. These scenarios can tie up capital for long periods resulting in a flat month for my personal equity but actually a positive return for my Darwin WET. A high point hit around 7%.

December Month End – Drawdown

The underlying strategy performed well with an above target ROI of 8.41% for closed trades however the position in USDCAD late in the month pulled down the Darwin WET return to -0.52% which is unfortunate.

December Darwin WET return closed out at -0.52%

I anticipate the USDCAD returning positive in January and the rollover effect of the drawdown will bounce back for a very strong result early on in the month.

December 2019

Another consistent month for WET delivering over 3.5% return high water mark on the £10,000 simulated investor account. The strategy performed well with live trades rolling through a UK General Election and a US President Impeachment Vote.

£10K Investor account performance for Darwin WET Dec 19

A shorter trading month due to the festive season still produced a great result for us.

I am Looking forward to 2020! Happy New Year!

November 2019

The cycle of trades as come to fruition after the strategy went live in September which typically experienced an immediate drawdown. This was to be expected due to the non existence of a previous “roll over” of trades of a prior month.

Now that we have traded through a cycle it is really encouraging to see how we trade from a fairly significant drawdown situation of 24% steadily climbing back with no drama or fuss.

The Darwin produced a 5.86% return for November.

November 2019 Performance