Calling Time on my Darwinex Project

All time slog

After some considerable time and effort to get to know my Darwin “WET” the synthetic trading algorithm that is supposed to emulate the best parts of my trading account for investors to “trade” with I have decided to take a break from it and focus my attention on a couple of proprietary trading firm offerings from MFF (my forex fund) and possibly FTMO, although I think FTMO need to address their qualification model to eliminate the need for excessive risk, i.e. gambling to get funded. If you want real traders, provide real conditions…

The Darwin model used to provide some promise but sadly the risk manager just isn’t viable for my trading the style, the last 4 trading months have produced 5% return compounded weekly but has shown pretty much zero return for an investor. Couple this with a 1% annualised management fee and a 5% trader fee it just doesn’t make sense for me to invest my time anymore.

Below is a snapshot of WET invested over a period of exactly the same time/amount as two of the most heavily “invested” and most popular DARWINs based averaged in $500 dollars per week over ten weeks and then held:

WET out performed both at the end of July when I stopped trading, this isn’t unusual as there are many talented traders on Darwinex that out perform the top followed Darwins, the fact is there just isn’t enough investment and diversity of funds across the breadth of strategies available to trade. This is evident from the payout page listing the top earning Darwins, only 8 have earned over 50k euros at the time of writing this post and the average time for this is over a 3 year period.

I do feel perhaps Darwinex was before it’s time and somewhere their own strategy got lost in translation in what it tried and continues to try to do. I hope to return soon when conditions are more appealing but in the meantime the most valuable thing I have is time and for now I have to invest that with another funding solution. Adiós por ahora 🙂

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