Sometimes it’s just a grind – Darwinex Account

Quarter 1

I like trading most of the time, I commit hours and hours to it. I do sometimes wonder if I have lost my mind though and this year has been a bit like that trying to make my Darwin asset WET fit in and perform.

No excuses here but it’s just been tough. I pretty much just specialise in GBPUSD and to get intimate with it you have to go through the emotional ups and downs of the pair. I’ve seen volatility drop to a mere 45 pips a day recently which is 50/70% down on what we normally trade within. So when this happens life gets tough.

However the bright side of only trading one pair is that as a strategy begins to mature you learn to love the ugly side of the partnership. That’s where I think I’m at now, I’m happy with what I have created and the drawdown will just be a fact of life; my style of trading at Darwinex. People can either live with it or live without it, my faults in the past have been trying to guess what Darwinex want but I can’t, so I’ve stopped trying to figure out the mystery. What will be, will be…

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