Mid Month Update and Wind-down

WET Current Ranking for December

As Christmas fast approaches I am viewing the market very selectively. We’ve had a good month which wraps up a great year of trading, albeit quite stressful at times. This surely has been a crazy 12 months!

Liquidity is unpredictable in the assets I trade at this time of year. I may take a couple of positions on stop hunts in the FTSE as and when they occur and I’m still interested in a GBPUSD set up if it gets out of balance with the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

I think we have a short term pricing for a potential deal, looking at my chart the market is still very bullish about a deal being done or a continued postponement. I’ll say this…. it won’t be the first or last time the big boys have got it wrong. Glad they are not looking after my pension because either call is a gamble unless you’re mates with Barnier and he tells you just before he sends out one of his calculated and stupid market moving tweets two minutes before the London open….. ahem, pass the Croissants while someone counts the Euros..

Chart provided by http://www.barchart.com
Deal or No Deal

For the foreseeable future I will be trading intraday with GBPUSD. There are plenty of opportunities to profit from trapped traders and scared bankers…

Lastly my Darwin WET has been spotted by the Darwinex algorithms for the monthly allocation of funds they distribute to performing traders. This is the fist time that WET has been in the running and would be a really nice additional positive to end the year on, although there is time left in the month yet so I’ll not get too hopeful 🙂

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